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Sandy Maranesi started her professional career as a freelance Hair/Makeup Artist in south Florida over 10 years ago. Working in the TV and film industry. She quickly developed her skills working under various environments from Television shows, Commercials, to Editorial and anything and everything inbetween. Recognized throughout the industry as one of South Florida's best. Her clients include ESPN, Discovery Educational, Sony, JM Lexus, Mega TV, and the list goes on. Sandy has worked with celebritys; Frank Vincent, Red Sox  David Ortiz, Xtreme, coolio, just to name a few.


Prior of becoming a Makeup Artist Sandy studied and experimented in fine arts. Having numerous  exhibits of her paintings and sculptures around the world. Sandy as always had a great interest in color and beauty.  Her work ethics are professional and efficient. A true team player. She takes her profession very seriously with a great sense of humor, always paying attention to details. No matter how big or small the job is. With a changing and growing eye for fashion and beauty your sure to always receive with Sandy the current styles of fashion.  Proficient in Hair as well as Makeup. She can recreate just about any look your looking for, with amazing results. There really are no limits to Sandy's creativity. Believing that everyone has their unique beauty, which she loves to bring out.




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